02 March 2017

Griffon 2.10.0 Released

The Griffon team is happy to announce the release of Griffon 2.10.0!

The following list summarizes the changes brought by this release:

  • Modules can be evicted during bootstrap, effectively skipping their bindings from being contributed to the injector.

  • New ResourceBundleReader class delivers conditional block support to java.util.ResourceBundle, similar to what ConfigReader does for Groovy scripts.

  • New PropertiesReader class delivers conditional block support to java.util.Properties, similar to what ConfigReader does for Groovy scripts.

  • JavaFX Support

    • JavaFX bindings, properties, and collections added in 2.9.1 have been relocated to other packages.

    • New ElementObservableList class triggers updates when an element is updated.

    • New resetable properties support.

    • Configurable strategy for matching actions defined in FXML: griffon.javafx.support.ActionMatcher.

  • New properties for the org.codehaus.griffon.griffon Gradle plugin that give you more control on non-application projects.

A more detailed description of the changes and compatibility issues can be found at the release notes.

We look forward to your feedback. Please report any problems you find to the Griffon User list, or better yet, file a bug at https://github.com/griffon/griffon/issues

Remember you can also contact the team on Twitter: @theaviary.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this release!

The Griffon Team