29 September 2016

Griffon 2.8.0 Release Notes


The following dependencies have been upgraded

  • org.awaitility:awaitility:2.0.0

  • org.awaitility:awaitility-groovy:2.0.0

  • org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib:1.0.4


Identify MVC Members and Arguments

Starting with this release you may annotate MVC members and arguments with @griffon.inject.MVCMember. This annotation servers as a hint to the Griffon runtime when paired with @javax.annotation.Nonnull. In this way the runtime can validate if all MVC members and MVC arguments have been supplied. You may annotate the field or the property setter, like so

import griffon.core.artifact.GriffonController;
import griffon.inject.MVCMember;
import griffon.metadata.ArtifactProviderFor;
import org.codehaus.griffon.runtime.core.artifact.AbstractGriffonController;
import javax.annotation.Nonnull;

public class SampleController extends AbstractGriffonController {
    private SampleModel model;

    @MVCMember @Nonnull
    private String anMvcArgument;

    public void setModel(@Nonnull SampleModel model) {
        this.model = model;

Finding Multiple Elements in the Node Graph

You can now search for multiple elements inside the Node Graph (including those that are not subtypes of javafx.scene.Node such as Tab and MenutItem) using a predicate, for example, finding all nodes that have a custom property named tag with value tag1

JavaFXUtils.findElements(container) { e ->
    e.properties.tag == 'tag1'

Multiple Action Targets in FXML

It’s now possible to target multiple elements for a particular aciton using FXML. Instead of using an fx:id entry that follows the naming convetion <action>ActionTarget simply use a static synthetic property: JavaFXUtils.griffonActionId. For example

<?import griffon.javafx.support.JavaFXUtils?>
        <Menu text="File">
            <MenuItem JavaFXUtils.griffonActionId="cut"/>
            <MenuItem JavaFXUtils.griffonActionId="copy"/>
            <MenuItem JavaFXUtils.griffonActionId="paste"/>
        <Button JavaFXUtils.griffonActionId="cut"/>
        <Button JavaFXUtils.griffonActionId="copy"/>
        <Button JavaFXUtils.griffonActionId="paste"/>

The previous code assumes the corresponding controller has defined the following actions: cut, copy, and paste.


Gradle Version

All project templates have been upgraded to use Gradle 3.1 but usage of Gradle 3.0 is still possible. Be advised that usage of Gradle 2.x may bring some incompatibilities, as some tasks have been renamed or removed, such as the installApp that was renamed to installDist.


Full binary compatibility report between Griffon 2.8.0 and 2.7.0 can be found here.

A list of fixed issues can be found at the 2.8.0 milestone page.