01 March 2018


The following dependencies have been upgraded

  • org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib:1.2.21


Unregister MVCGroupExceptionHandler

Previous versions would register an instance of MVCGroupExceptionHandler during bootstrap which would throw an exception when an MVCGroup failed to be instantiated, which is the expected behavior. However this behvior could not be skipped or overridden as the instance could not be unregistered. this release fixes this oversight.

Open TableFormat/TableViewModel for extension

Defualt implementations for TableFormat and TableViewModel allow all of its methods to be overridden by subclasses, their fields are also visible to subclasses.


Full binary compatibility report between Griffon 2.14.0 and 2.13.0 can be found here.

A list of fixed issues can be found at the 2.14.0 milestone page.