03 June 2015

Griffon 2.3.0 Released

The Griffon team is happy to announce the release of Griffon 2.3.0!

The following list summarizes the changes brought by this release:

  • Upgraded to Groovy 2.4.3 and Guice 4.0.

  • JavaFX support received lots up updates:

    • @FXObservable AST transformation can handle List/Map/Set properties correctly.

    • new AST transformations: @ChangeListener and @InvalidationListener.

    • Integration test support via GriffonTestFXRule.

    • Functional test support via GriffonTestFXClassRule.

    • Builder actions can be applied to comboBox nodes.

  • Threading methods are now available on builder nodes, like in the old days.

  • Allow blank messages/resources to be formatted/resolved.

A more detailed description of the changes and compatibility issues can be found at the release notes.

We look forward to your feedback. Please report any problems you find to the Griffon User list, or better yet, file a bug at https://github.com/griffon/griffon/issues

Remember you can also contact the team on Twitter: @theaviary.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this release!

The Griffon Team